All the best varieties in the world

Sicily is the main source of our products but we trade nuts from all over the world. Always maintaining a high quality.


From all over the island, the best varieties of Sicilian nuts arrive to our factory. Hazelnuts from the Nebrodi Park, pistachio from the slopes of Etna, almonds from the south of the island; these are just some of the areas of origin of the nuts we sell. In addition, we also select the best varieties from the rest of the world.

Production chain

Working with local producers allows us to know in depth their way of cultivating and caring for the land. That means choosing who is in line with our idea of respecting the environment and with our quality standards.

The hazelnut is the source from which all our business started. It remains the specialty, the queen of our products. In Sicily, hazelnut orchards are located in the Nebrodi Park, which stands out for its remarkable biodiversity. In our catalogue there are many varieties of hazelnuts and they represent the best of world production: the Sicilian Tonda dei Nebrodi, the Gentile Romana, the Mortarella campana, the hazelnut from Giffoni and the Piedmont IGP. And finally some of the best varieties from Turkey, Azerbaijan and other countries.

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Cashew nuts



We are what we eat

And this is why we choose organic farming. We care about the health of the land that is cultivated. We know that its condition will affect the fruits it produces and therefore the quality of what we eat.

In addition to respecting the normal life cycle of nature, our nuts have benefits on our health.