The territory is our wealth

The land that surrounds us is not just a resource to be exploited to our advantage. It is a priceless asset that we must respect and preserve. Reducing the impact which our work has on the environment is a commitment of primary importance to us.

The attention starts from the fields

Together with our producers, we are carrying out a supply chain project that aims to improve the quality of the hazelnut, protect the environment, guarantee a product of excellence for customers and a better world for everyone.


The biodiversity of our land, combined with the non-use of pesticides or other chemicals, gives us the best varieties of Italian hazelnuts. It is thanks to this richness that we can boast exceptional organoleptic characteristics: intense aromas, delicate flavors and surprising nutritional values.


Renewable energies

For decades we have independently produced almost all of the electricity our factory needs. The energy we use comes from the solar panels we have and from the shells of the hazelnuts we transform. In this way, we reduce the production of waste and feed our company in an eco-sustainable way. Our idea of production is based on the circular economy model. We are constantly working on researching 100% recyclable materials and sustainable methods.


fonti energetiche rinnovabili

Renewable energy sources

Solar panels and hazelnut shells

filiera produttiva corta

Short production chain

Low environmental impact of transport

privilegio del lavoro manuale

Eco-sustainable methods

Circular, organic and 0 km economy

A more green future

The ambition for the future is to eliminate all forms of rejection. We want to improve our circular economy model with a view to total recycling and complete reuse of materials. Our commitment aims at a more green future. For everyone.