The almond is one of the oldest products of the earth that best represent Sicily. Almond orchards are common all over the island and there are many resulting varieties, each with its own particularity. We integrate with other varieties from the rest of Italy and the world, to select the almonds that best suit the processing and needs of our customers.

Shelled almonds – Blanched almonds

We select the best shelled almonds. We have several varieties including the sweet and precious Tuono. They are good for the heart and bones and are great for snacking.

Recommendations for use

To be consumed directly, as an energy snack, muesli and more.

Roasted almonds

Delicate, genuine and fragrant. The roasted almond release a full flavor. Great source of antioxidants and nutrients.

Recommendations for use

Suitable for all processes. Excellent for the production of nougat and crunchy.


The almond flour is a product that is obtained by grinding almonds. Thanks to the ingredient with which it is prepared, it has a very delicate taste and is very versatile.

Recommendations for use

Ideal ingredient for different sweet and savory processes.


The chopped almond is obtained from the grinding process available in various calibers. (Among the most common ½ – 2/4 – 4 / 6- 4/8)

Recommendations for use

Suitable for filling and garnishing sweets, biscuits, ice creams. Used in energy bars and also to flavor first and second dishes.


Our paste is 100% pure. The only ingredient present is almond.
Concentrate of intense and fragrant flavor.

Recommendations for use

It is the perfect ingredient for spreads, almond milk and desserts.
Ready to spread on bread.

Buy our almonds and semi-finished products in various formats. From minimum quantities to big bags for industrial use, you will find all the measures that suit your needs.