The intense aroma of the finest varieties.


All the aroma and taste of excellent almonds.


The emerald green of the best pistachios.

Cashew nuts

Cashew nuts Sweet and unique flavor.


Walnuts Naturally rich of special nutrients.

selected and guaranteed

Sicily is the main source of our products, but we also select the best varieties in the world, always ensuring quality and naturalness.


Foundation year






Renewable energy

From the plant
to your hands

We are more than Organic. Step by step we follow the entire production process, from the care of the land to the harvest right up to your hands.

The territory is
our wealth

The land that surrounds us is a priceless asset that we must respect and preserve. The biggest commitment we undertake is to more and more limit the environmental impact of our work.

We are what we eat

And this is why we choose organic farming. We care about the health of the land that is cultivated. We know that its condition will affect the fruits it produces and therefore the quality of what we eat.

In addition to respecting the normal life cycle of nature, our nuts have benefits on our health.

A new image

We have renewed the visual identity and the general image of our brand. Find out how the logo and the way of telling us have changed.

We are always available, for any information.