The hazelnut is the seed from which all our business began. It continues to be our specialty, the queen of our products, especially hazelnuts grown on the Nebrodi Mountains. The varieties of hazelnuts in our catalog are many and represent the best of Italian biodiversity: the Sicilian Tonda dei Nebrodi, the Gentile Romana, the Mortarella Campana, the hazelnut from Giffoni and the Piedmont IGP. To completing the offer, some of the best cultivars from abroad.

Hazelnuts in shell

The hazelnut is one of the most popular nuts in the world. The scientific name of the hazelnut is Corylus Avellana, from the word corys which means helmet. In fact its fruit perfectly remembers that shape. Our hazelnuts in shell arrive directly from our local producers immediately after harvesting.

Recommendations for use

Ready to use for large retailers and supermarkets.

Shelled hazelnuts

Full of vitamins, they are particularly appreciated for their unmistakable aroma, delicate flavor and persistent fragrance.

Recommendations for use

To eat directly as snacks, muesli and more.

Le nocciole sono il seme da cui tutta la nostra attività ha avuto inizio. Restano quindi le specialità, le regine tra i nostri prodotti.

Roasted hazelnuts

The roasting of the hazelnuts enhances their taste and aroma. They can be conveniently purchased ready for use. While we crunch them they release a pleasant feeling of well-being. They appeal to young and old alike.

Recommendations for use

Our roasted hazelnut is suitable for all processes. Used not only as a healthy ingredient but also for tasty and pleasant recipes.


Once the hazelnut has been roasted, a grinding process is carried out, thus obtaining the grain available in different sizes. (Among the most common ½ – 2/4 – 4 / 6- 4/8)

Recommendations for use

Suitable for filling and garnishing sweets, biscuits, ice creams. Used in energy bars and also to flavor first and second dishes.


Hazelnut powder is obtained by grinding roasted hazelnuts.
From this process we obtain a flour rich in taste and naturally sweet.

Recommendations for use

Essential ingredient for making cakes and biscuits, both sweet and savory. Excellent substitute for wheat flour. Tasty and gluten-free product.


Our paste is 100% pure. The only ingredient present is hazelnut.
The right roasting enhances the intense flavor.

Recommendations for use

It is the recommended ingredient for the preparation of spreads, fillings and ice creams. To spread directly on bread.

Buy our hazelnuts and semi-finished products in various formats. From minimum quantities to big bags for industrial use, you will find all the measures that suit your needs.