About us

A big organic family

The Fratelli Caprino company is much more than a family business. It is a large family within which, over the decades, the relationships between management, collaborators and producers have been consolidated. Important links, which we take care of and which represent the added value of our work. For three generations, technical skills, ethical values and human knowledge have been handed down. Time passes and the company adapts to the changing world, but the original footprint from which it all began is always the same.

Born in 1945

The story of Fratelli Caprino begins in 1945, in Tortorici, in the heart of the Nebrodi Park. The founder, Sebastiano Caprino, begins to trade one of the most valuable assets of the territory: hazelnuts. Over time, the company has developed, has changed headquarters to improve logistics, and has expanded the catalog of its products. Always maintaining the original values on which it is based.

  • 1945
    Foundation of the company in Tortorici:
    trade of shelled hazelnuts.
  • 1998
    New headquarters in Sinagra.
    The company receives organic certification, builds the first solar system, expands the product catalog: hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios, shelled and semi-finished products.
  • 2022
    Second factory in Sinagra.
    Construction of an additional solar plant; upgrading of the biomass plant, not only for heating, but also to produce electricity; cutting-edge technologies; internal analysis laboratory; research and development of new products and 100% recyclable materials.

The future is a path to be explored

Today Fratelli Caprino is a solid and well-structured reality. The experience and skills gained over the years allow us to face future changes with the awareness necessary to keep alive the values on which our company is founded. Behind us we have a long way, ahead of us still many roads to go.

The team


Their work comes before ours. We transform the fruits of the lands they cultivate with love and care. The close relationship with our producers allows us to guarantee high quality and healthy products.

The team

Commitment, passion and dedication are the values that set us apart. Our mission is to transform nuts while preserving all the nutritional properties that nature offers us. Together we contribute to create a stimulating background in which to be realized.

The territory is our wealth

Everything we have comes from the earth, from plants, from the sun. In one word, from Nature. Our commitment aims to safeguard the territory that surrounds us and to respect its balance.


Nebrodi hazelnuts

Biodiversity is the main feature of Sicilian hazelnut groves.
“Why is biodiversity important?

Biodiversity strengthens the productivity of any ecosystem (agricultural land, forest, lake, and so on). In fact, it has been shown that the loss of biodiversity contributes to food and energy insecurity, increases vulnerability to natural disasters, such as floods or tropical storms, decreases the level of health within society, reduces the availability and quality of water resources and impoverishes cultural traditions."

Intense aroma, unique characteristics

Sicily boasts more than 26 hazelnut varieties. Its fruits are particularly appreciated for their intense aroma, delicate flavor and crunchy consistency.

A new image

The image is the first aspect we all notice. For this reason, to adapt the brand to the changes made over time, we have decided to change our visual identity.


The logo represents companies from a symbolic point of view. In the re-branding operation, which we carried out, we wanted a logo that summarizes the set of values and principles on which our business is based. The result is the tree of life of Fratelli Caprino, within a circle that symbolizes the earth, the sun and the environment.